Looking for some Summer Reading?

stoplightLook no further, my friend!

Other people publish me, too. Sometimes. It happens.

McSweeney’s (in print) is publishing some of my humor writing this fall.

Read about a great conference: ILAW 2001 at Harvard Law School.

In fact, most of my writing happens on the pages (bits?) of The Filter, a cyberlaw e-newsletter run by my favorite editor, Donna Wentworth. Check it all out on my cyberlaw page.

Some webzine published my poem, although they take full responsibility for all unfortunate italics.

But enough of that. Have I got some meandering, unfinished reading for you! First, read a harrowing tale of a young woman’s long journey to an even longer conference in A True Account of Getting to the Eleventh Annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference.
Then, read a true story of one young woman’s dizzying Internet overdose, written at the height of the boom, in Sleeping With New Media.

…Coming Soon! Read the scorching saga of one young woman’s cynical, drifting, hazy expatriotism, from dusk till dawn, in True Adventures In Prague.

Stay tuned.

The Art of Freelance Observation

NONFICTION, short bits:

+ [New Secret to Staying Young]: Skip the Wedding
+ [Meeting Someone Special] An Instant with Hillary Clinton
+ [For the Love of Pug] A How-to on Discovering Your Inner Love for the Pug Dog
+ [Stumbling Blocks to the Job Search] Dawson’s Creek, The Quest for Meaning, Fear of Death, Etc.
+ [On the Pedway] A Short Travel/Love Story
+ [Lost in the Woods] Parents, No Flashlight, First Night of Frost, Boyfriend, Not Much Food, Adirondacks, etc.
+ [A True Account] of Getting to the Eleventh Annual Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference


+ [An Atlantic Beach Sunrise]
+ [The People’s Fountain: Millenium Park, Chicago]
+ [Skyscraper Portrait: Millenium Park, Chicago]
+ [Soaring Metal Soundstage: Millenium Park, Chicago]
+ [A Giant Reflecting Bean: Millenium Park, Chicago]

REPORTING, live from Cambridge:

+ [Cyberlaw Links] Articles from my days as a reporter for The Filter, an e-newsletter produced by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School

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