There is a lot to say about media studies

In the meantime….

“You stop a horse that is bolting. You do not stop a jogger who is jogging. Foaming at the mouth, his mind riveted on the inner countdown to the moment when he will achieve a higher plane of consciousness, he is not to be stopped. If you stopped him to ask the time, he would bite your head off.

…Decidedly, joggers are the true Latter Day Saints and the protagonists of an easy-does-it Apocalypse. Nothing evokes the end of the world more than a man running straight ahead on a beach, swathed in the sounds of his walkman, cocooned in the solitary sacrifice of his energy, indifferent even to catastrophes since he expects destruction to come only as the fruit of his own efforts, from exhausting the energy of a body that has in his own eyes become useless. Primitives, when in despair, would commit suicide by swimming out to sea until they could swim no longer. The jogger commits suicide by running up and down the beach. His eyes are wild, saliva drips from his mouth. Do not stop him. He will either hit you or simply carry on dancing around in front of you like a man possessed. ”

Jean Baudrillard, one of the four horsemen.

Sites By Me

I am the webmaster for all degree and admissions programs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, a graduate school at Harvard. This means I envision and execute all graphic design on the sites, organize and structure them, handle the content for them, and code them.

I’ve also built other sites, and I have the screenshots to prove it.

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Sites I Have Known and Loved

I really and truly love Salon, Slashdot, and the register-for-free New York Times on the Web. But there are other sites I like too.

FIND OUT! How anonymous do you really think you are on the web?
Because, well, you’re not.

MEMEPOOL is great reading re: the weird, weird web.

And speaking of great reading, you know how there are all those sites in which people yammer on indefinitely about what they and their friends did last weekend? Trouserarousal is one of those sites, but it’s really damn good. This kid has a future, I tell you. I HIGHLY recommend mice.

Flash, anyone?

Do something wild with 2-d mechanics at The Constructor.

Find Uncontrol.
Click on everything that moves!

Three Perfect Songs

I have arrived at a decision.

These are three perfect songs. This is not the same as “favorite.” The judging criteria is mine, and I shall refrain from divulging said criteria.

1. This Must Be The Place

The Talking Heads

2. Some Kinda Love

The Velvet Underground

3. Primary

The Cure

Caught you off guard with that last one, eh? Go ahead and debate me. I am more than willing to defend the perfectness.